Thursday, July 9, 2009

My Trip Home

Beckam and I went home this last week for a vacation/break and for our Bergeson family reunion. It was so nice to be home! I haven't been home since december 2007. And nobody except my mom has seen Beckam. I stayed a few days at my sister's in Yakima and got to see her and her family. I also got to see my husband's family while there. All the kids are changing and growing so much! Then I went to my paren't house in Moses Lake for some more days. I got to see my grandpa fuhriman, that was nice. I just relaxed while my fmaily took care of beckam for me... thanks you guys. I chilled with my family, not doing much cuz you know when you are busy the time flies. So i really tried not to be busy. Then we all went up to my aunt janae's for our family reaunion. It was so awesome to see everyone! There was a lot of reminising and story telling- it's so fun to learn about the little things that went on in your parents and grandparetns lives! I left the day after the reunion...back to Texas.