Tuesday, September 1, 2009

School Days

Well last week Kylah started her professional school career- Kindergarden. She goes all day now- after a long summer i get to say- HOORAY! She loves it! Also today she got a new bed- a new big kid twin bed. It is really comfortable, Dru and I are already arguing over who gets to sleep in it on those nights when all the kids find their way into our bed before midnight. sigh. So after we got her bed all done Maddox said he wanted 2 beds too (2 beds meaning kylah has a box spring and mattress) so we put her old toddler mattress on his bed. Now he has 2 beds too. Beckam has been a little sick this week, poor kid can't breath at night cuz his nose is all plugged up. He's almost 17 lbs now- my chunky monkey ;-) !!!

Dru starts school next week- Trimester 7. He will be in student clinic, which makes me really feel that the end iscreeping up on us. His White Coat Ceremony is the 8th- we are so proud of him! His parents are coming this weekend so they, and one of his brothers, will be able to make it to that. I am recovering from this summer and all the crazyness with appointments, and fighting kids....aaggghhhh!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

My Trip Home

Beckam and I went home this last week for a vacation/break and for our Bergeson family reunion. It was so nice to be home! I haven't been home since december 2007. And nobody except my mom has seen Beckam. I stayed a few days at my sister's in Yakima and got to see her and her family. I also got to see my husband's family while there. All the kids are changing and growing so much! Then I went to my paren't house in Moses Lake for some more days. I got to see my grandpa fuhriman, that was nice. I just relaxed while my fmaily took care of beckam for me... thanks you guys. I chilled with my family, not doing much cuz you know when you are busy the time flies. So i really tried not to be busy. Then we all went up to my aunt janae's for our family reaunion. It was so awesome to see everyone! There was a lot of reminising and story telling- it's so fun to learn about the little things that went on in your parents and grandparetns lives! I left the day after the reunion...back to Texas.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pictures for your viewing enjoyment

Kylah painting for Easter

Today I told Maddox to smile

Kylah "the Leopard" Lopez at bat


1 of the 3 times our apartment flooded

Right from the hospital

At an Astros game

Hello from Texas

Well Lexie showed me her blog and I thought that it was pretty neat. So here I am. Welcome to my feeble attempt at blogging. Since this is my first post i guess i better tell whats been happening here. Kylah is 5 1/2 (going on 15!) and in pre-k. She loves to boss other kids around- especially Maddox. She is super smart, like crazy memory. She loves to make up songs that make no sense. She is in dance and her first recital is June 7th. She played baseball last month for this program called Cody's Field of Dreams. Its for special needs kids and it is such an amazing thing. I'll go more into detail about things later, but right now i am trying to type with only one hand and feed the baby with the other. So moving on... Maddox is 3 and, well... crazy. Of curse i mean that in the most loving way but the kid is crazy. I dont think he knows how to walk. He runs everywhere. His favorite pasttimes are jumping, rolling, fighting, being a Knight, , playing soccer, and did i say running? Our poor neighbors downstairs. They probably curse us everyday.Then there is our newest addition- Beckam Miller Lopez. Not like David Beckham. Then the Miller comes from my grandpa, it's his middle name too. He is a sweety. He sleeps pretty good, only waking up 1 time and that's usually at like 4 or 5. He loves to be held, especially by me. he snorts alot when he cries. But all in all he's pretty swell. Dru just started his 6th trimester at the chiropractic college. He really enjoys what he is doing and he's good at it. He just took his first boards and did really awesome on them. I am just trying to keep up with the kids, the house, and all that other mommy stuff. I don't even know where my day goes. I love being home with my kids, even though i sometimes contemplate pulling my hair out. But don't we all. We are doing great down here but definately miss our families very much... I am working on coming up to the reunion. Anyways so this is my first blog. I feel like i should say "stardate 4589329090" everytime i start one. No, i am not a trekky.