Tuesday, September 1, 2009

School Days

Well last week Kylah started her professional school career- Kindergarden. She goes all day now- after a long summer i get to say- HOORAY! She loves it! Also today she got a new bed- a new big kid twin bed. It is really comfortable, Dru and I are already arguing over who gets to sleep in it on those nights when all the kids find their way into our bed before midnight. sigh. So after we got her bed all done Maddox said he wanted 2 beds too (2 beds meaning kylah has a box spring and mattress) so we put her old toddler mattress on his bed. Now he has 2 beds too. Beckam has been a little sick this week, poor kid can't breath at night cuz his nose is all plugged up. He's almost 17 lbs now- my chunky monkey ;-) !!!

Dru starts school next week- Trimester 7. He will be in student clinic, which makes me really feel that the end iscreeping up on us. His White Coat Ceremony is the 8th- we are so proud of him! His parents are coming this weekend so they, and one of his brothers, will be able to make it to that. I am recovering from this summer and all the crazyness with appointments, and fighting kids....aaggghhhh!