Thursday, September 2, 2010

It's Been a While

So i got on this morning and checked my blog and realized, well, its been a while. So quick update cuz i gotta go get Maddox at the bus stop. Kylah did diabetes insipidus test, she is fine, no DI. They are almost positive she will have to take growth hormones, will find out next month. She is doing so great with everything! She is meeting most of her PT goals so we have changed PT appt to every other week. She is just doing so great! She is reading really great, but it is still with large print and not large congested paragraphs, so we will see what lies in store for her vision as the year progresses. She started 1st grade and loves it! She has a special little friend in her class that lives in the building next to us so she is super excited about that! I must say this kids is the most polite little guy i have ever witnessed seeing- even more manners than most adults! He came over yesterday and (the kids six) when we were leaving to take him home he went in- all by himself, i didn't even tell dru to come say bye- and shook dru's hand and told him it was nice to meet him (which he also did when he met dru). WOW!!!!!anyways, so new friends are fun, especially when they aren't punk kids! Maddox started PreK also this year. He loves it!!!but not as much as the bus!! He is 4 years old and has to ride with 11 year olds- scary. plus Kylah rides the special needs bus so he is alone on the big kid bus! I wonder what foul word he will come home with first....So the bus schedule didn't get set up till a week after school started. The first day of school, when picking maddox up-
"Hey so how was school today?"
"fun! Do we have the same teachers tomorrow?"
"yeah. Do you like your teachers?"
"Don't you like Mrs. ---?"
"no, she's mean!"
"Maddox, i know mrs.--- is really nice. Why do you think she is mean?"
"She won't let me ride the bus!"
I then explained how she wasn't mean but i said he couldn't ride the bus yet...
Second day of school picking Maddox up-
I get out of the car and walk over to get him. He is sitting down on the ground then starts to get up when he sees me. As he gets up his lips start to quiver and he starts crying. Why you ask? Because "I want to ride the bus!" This went on for one week people! Now he is happy and content because he is a "bus rider".
I will update on everything else, but i gotta jet! Church starts early in the morning!


  1. Great blog, Ashleigh! I see these pictures of your kids and just can't BELIEVE IT!! Remember when we went on double dates with just our boys? Hahaha! Oh those days are long gone...replaced with much busier ones. Are you still reading loads? I wish we could go on a walk and discuss our latest reads. You guys look great!

  2. So happy to get an update! Let me know how the growth hormone thing goes. Skyler is still growing so far, but we did a bone age scan so we can check later to see if his bones are maturing on schedule.