Monday, April 5, 2010

Bubble Girl

So Dru is gonna graduate in like 8 months. Wow. I am kinda scared. So my life has been student loans and all that entails, apartments, busy husband.... you get the idea. It's like i have ben living this temporary "fake" life and now i have to get back into "real" life. Where are we gonna end up? What does life have in store for us? We transplanted from WA to TX and now.... it's just kinda freaky. I have gotten comfortable in my little life here. Albeit, i am not a fan of Houston- I HATE THE WEATHER and i also would like a little smaller city. But we have great friends, awesome doctors and therapists for Kylah, nice neighbors, great ward family, great school and teachers for Kylah and soon to be for Maddox. I really would be happy if we could just freeze time, be poor students, but be this happy forever. My kids are all home at night. They still want to sneak in my bed at night. I am still their universe. They are still my universe. Me and Dru are still young. We are still in love. Life is good. I can not handle change. Its like when i was younger and we went to my grandmas for the weekend. We would come home Sunday and i would be having an anxiety attack cuz i didn't get any "down time" before i had to get back to school. I needed that extra day to just chill at home with my family. But this isn't a weekend at grandmas. It's like four years at grandmas and all of a sudden she kicks you out and you have to deal with the world now. I would be quite content to live in a bubble. Did i mention i hate change?

p.s. my grandma would never kick me out, she's too nice!

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