Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Reach Out

So like i said in the post the other day, i have been trying to get more involved in the special needs community since we are facing new things with Kylah. It is just a little frustrating considering that Houston is like a HUGE city- about 5 million in the entire metro- and there seems to be a lack of special events/programs/activities for these sweet kids. It seems that Austin/San Antonio area has tons of stuff and they have quite a few less people. Grrrr! BUT there seems to be some pretty cool stuff here too. Kylah takes Dance/Ballet classes at a dance studio down the street and it's FREE to special needs kids- how amazingly wonderful and unselfish of this studio!!!! It's so cute to watch. And she is starting the Field of Dreams baseball "camp" she did last year- which is such an AWESOME program!!! Anyways, i am trying to get out there, which is a little hard for me cuz i am more reserved and shy, another thing i am working on... So i know a lot of you are far away from Houston but I just wanted to give a shout out to a few great fundraising events that are happening around my neck of the woods (sort of)-
Pediatric Stroll for Strokes in San Antonio is May 22 and proceeds go to CHASA which is the non profit organization for kids with hemiplegia and hemiparesis (which Kylah has)
Pediatric stroll for epilepsy at the Houston Zoo is April 17th and proceeds go to the epilepsy foundation (Kylah suffers from seizures)
There is an amazing new "theme park" for special needs kids in San antonio called Morgan's Wonderland that opens April 10th. It's really affordable and special needs kids are free!!!
I think there are a few more events but sorry, i can't remember them. All these you have to register for but they are for great causes that personally affect my daughter. There is such little research on schizencephaly, SOD, pediatric strokes... Doctors just don't have very many definate answers for the parents of children that suffer this. Its just so awesome what these people and organizations are doing to help prevent and better support the special needs communities!!!! I can't wait till my family is in a position to better support these causes...but right now i can spread the word!


  1. Hey, if there is ever anything I can do with you or help with, I have a special ed degree and taught school too. I would love to help!

  2. I wish I could go, I used to live in Houston for about a year when I was a teen. It was awesome, I loved the weather. Where I live in Canada we have a very long winter, it seems to stretch on forever. That's what I get for being born in the prairies I guess. Hehe. I hope you can find some local community. I find the same problem, not enough groups for special needs kids.